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Legal Abuse I : How to Protect Yourself From Your Own Attorney

Rose Colombo felt honored when presented with the prestigious Irwin award for her self-help book, "Fight Back Legal Abuse," helping victims of injustices become survivors.  The author points out how the legal system changed from a 3-tier justice system into a 2-tier justice system and by 2009 morphed into a 1-tier justice system of Executive orders denying we the People representation. "Fight Back Legal Abuse," pub. 2010.  Read more

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International Irwin Award Winner 2022
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This is an excellent book! Especially for the ProSe Litigant since many Judges sate very biased against those who have no other choice. AT first, I didn't care for the large font but as it turned out things began to pop out that was very pertinent to my particular case. The contents of this book will help you going. The courts will try to frustrate you to the point of throwing up your hands & give up. But those of us who have experienced Legal Abuse ( DSM V under PTSD) is ligitament!!! Do not give up.

Reviewed in the United States on
June 17, 2014

I got this book in the mail a couple of weeks ago and am hooked! This book contains invaluable information that you will not hear anywhere else about the legal shell game that goes on in the court systems and law offices of this country. You never know when you or a loved one may find yourself in a legal battle of some sort, and having the upper hand advantage is important. I think most of us if asked, would not be able to answer the question "How do you protect yourself from your own attorney?",and this book will equip you to answer that question. Weather you've been in a legal battle,or are currently in one this book is a must read !

Reviewed in the United States on
November 14, 2010

Please read this if you are hiring a lawyer. This book will help you to understand how lawyers see a client and how they waste so much of your time playing lawyer games at your expense.

Reviewed in the United States on
December 22, 2013

The 2010 Fight Back Legal Abuse book is out of print.  Used copies may be available online.  COMING SOON!  "Fight Back Legal Abuse II" 2023.

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