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"What would we do without the World of Fashion Designers?  Robots don't need clothing!"

- Rose M Colombo

Dressing Up and Dressing Down in America captures the lifestyle and fashions from the "Leave It to Beaver" days that led Americans to dress up, but as time went by, they left the dress codes behind. Enjoy a blast from the past when Americans lived in safe neighborhoods and behind secure borders. A time when Elvis shocked the nation with his music and females idolized the King of Rock. In the 1960s, the Beatles and English Rock Stars came to America and brought exciting new fashions and music to America. The Beatniks played a role in fashion that led to the age of the Hippies, who changed traditional fashion into a mindset of dressing up to dressing down, based on opposition to the war leading to a political and fashion revolution.


America's Fashion Designers exude talent around the world competing with Milan, Paris, and London. In today's world of economic distress and globalism and excessive costs for materials, and labor, and faced with knock offs by foreign nations, it's important for Americans to support the American Fashion Designers and keep American fashion all-American. They help identify our personal lifestyles and our American way of life which represent the Red, White, and Blue, melting pot of The United States of America.

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