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Meet Rose |
"I can complain because Rosebushes have thorns....or rejoice because the Thornbush has a Rose...It is all up to me."

Rose Colombo was honored in a full-page article with a photo of herself and a photo of the  Iwin-award-winning self-help book entitled, "Fight Back Legal Abuse," published in the prestigious magazine, "ASIA:  The Journal of Culture and Commerce and Innovation Kyoto style.  The editor included an introduction entitled,   "Entrepreneurship." The article states, "Very few women can claim the title, "Brains and Beauty," especially in the literary field involving the law.  Rose Colombo is this brand of woman, and the author of her first book, "Fight Back Legal Abuse," a book on how to protect yourself from your own attorney.  It's a dynamic book that readers will not be able to put down from beginning to end...."    Colombo plans on coming out with version 2 in 2023.

Rose Colombo is an advocate and activist for justice.  A seasoned professional, she found herself in a web of judicial corruption that changed her life forever.  She turned from a mother and wife and businesswoman and Licensed Esthetician into a crusader for justice helping victims of legal abuse become survivors.


She is the Founder of an organization, “Women Fight Back” and became a mover and shaker leading marches against gender bias judges who sentenced non-offending mothers to jail for protecting their children from abusers.  She believes there are ethical judges, but there are also gender bias and unethical judges and lawyers.


Her efforts ended up in the news and she returned to college and signed up for paralegal classes. She held meetings every month and set up court monitoring committees. The members would show up in a courtroom each week with a pad and pen and share their thoughts on the behaviors of the judges and lawyers.  She was invited on cable TV and seen in the news several times and invited to be a panel member during a TV show during the O.J. Simpson case.  She was interviewed on local and major radio stations and wrote the book, “Fight Back Legal Abuse,” in 2010.  In fact, she created radio shows on KIEV, KGER, and KORG interviewing victims, lawyers, politicians, and community leaders.

Colombo consulted with hundreds of victims of legal abuse either by phone or in-person or later by email.  She provided moral support and suggestions encouraging victims to become survivors.  She said, "There wasn't any internet until recently to reach millions of people by pushing send on the keyboard."


Colombo’s articles were published, and she was quoted, and she and the organization’s members were featured in the Orange County Register and Los Angeles Times, Boston Globe, Denver Post, Veterans Newspaper and the Daily Journal read by judges. This magazine is prestigious and many copies are collectors or the magazines end up in the museum. It's an honor for which I'm grateful to be chosen and featured in a full-page photo shoot and article for my Irwin award-winning book, "Fight Back Legal Abuse," in the prestigious Kyoto magazine, "ASIA:  The Journal of Culture and Commerce.


Rose Colombo’s bio has been published in Marquis Who’s Who of America, the World, and American Women.  Colombo says, “There is very little justice, but what you can expect. if not justice. is a decision.”

Multi-Award-winning author and poet, and media personality, Rose Colombo grew up in California and attended Catholic School. She was taught to trust the government and tell the truth, but little did she know that one day, she would walk into a courtroom believing in the illusion of Justice and walk out disillusioned because of the injustice. She became a mover and a shaker and began a grassroots movement, "Women Fight Back," In the O.C. that overwhelmed her by the response from around the nation. Colombo consulted with victims of injustices helping victims become survivors. As a licensed Beauty Professional and business owner, she heard many stories of injustices from her customers who confided in her but never thought it would happen to her, but it did. She was determined not to have a pity party but to expose legal abuses. She became a Crusader, advocated for Justice, founded a grassroots organization, and began a movement. She named it "Women Fight Back." She led marches against gender bias and CPS and NAMBLA. She proposed laws that lawmakers implemented. She created am-FM radio shows on KIEV, KORG, and KGER, as well as Time Warner and COX cable T.V. shows. Colombo said, "I had to beat the bushes. There wasn't a button I could push on the computer to reach millions of people in a second."   


Colombo received the prestigious Jeannie Angel award from the Motion Picture Council for her contributions to the media. She exposed the plight of the Filipino WW II veterans for whom the U.S. gov't refused to provide benefits, and the Media Breakfast Club honored her with an award. The City News Service award was presented for her local newspaper column, "One Woman's Opinion." She was thrilled to receive the Poet Fellow award from the Noble House, NY-London. She's only 1 of 2 people in 46 years to receive the sought-after Irwin Award for her 5-Star Review self-help book, "Fight Back Legal Abuse," and OBAMASAURUS, a political satire on depopulation. She's been featured in a global magazine throughout Asia. Local and national newspapers such as the OC Register, L.A. Times, Denver Post, Boston Globe, and more either featured her or her group or quoted her. She's been seen on the news and cable T.V. interviews and a Channel 13 T.V. panel discussing Judge Nancy Wieben Stock and the O.J. case and interviewed on local and national radio. Currently, she's producing and hosting a podcast entitled Colombo Chronicles, interviewing authors and experts, and segueing into The Justice Club. Colombo says, "Justice is for $ale! How much Justice can you afford?"

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